Electrical track and accessories.

Structure: Polymer (powder) coated aluminium body

Color: white,gray,black

  • Product No.DescriptionDimensions, mm
    5111001Electrical track1000x36x33
    5112001Electrical track2000x36x33
    5113001Electrical track3000x36x33
    5114001Electrical track4000x36x33
    5121001Electrical track recessed1000x56x32.5
    5122001Electrical track recessed2000x56x32.5
    5123001Electrical track recessed3000x56x32.5
    5124001Electrical track recessed4000x56x32.5
    5102011Node Connector
    5102021End Cap
    5102031Supply Connector (left)
    5102041Supply Connector (right)
    5102051Node Connector L (internal)
    5102061Node Connector L (external)
    5102071Node Connector T (internal right)
    5102081Node Connector T (external left)
    5102091Node Connector T (external left)
    5102101Node Connector T (internal right)
    5102111Node Connector X
    5102121Twisted L connector
    5102131Flexible connection
    5102141Suspension kit with ROD (quick)
    5102151Suspension kit with 1.5 cable (quick)
    5102161Suspension kit with ROD
    5102171Suspension kit with 1.5 cable
    5102181Suspension kit
    5102191Fixed monopoint adapter
    5102201Suspension connection clamp